Training Programs

Forensus offers a variety of Continuing Education training programs and seminars customized to meet the needs of your audience. These interactive programs provide colleagues and clients with relevant and practical training as they navigate today’s complex regulatory and litigation environment.

Our team has developed a variety of unique and dynamic training programs which can be customized to meet your specific needs. These programs are our contribution to the continuing education of our colleagues and clients in the legal and corporate sectors. It is a collaborative effort of our expertise in dispute consulting, healthcare litigation and regulatory enforcement.

Our programs include various delivery options and are able to satisfy Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements for a variety of career fields and certifications.

Common Program Topics

  • “Big Data” and Data Mining Techniques
  • Hot Trends in Government Enforcement
  • Sampling and Extrapolation Analysis
  • FMV and Commercial Reasonableness
  • RAT-STATS and a Hands-On Application
  • Improper Payments and Kickbacks
  • Investigative Interviewing Techniques
  • Whistleblower Avoidance

Faculty Highlights

  • Vast enforcement experience including former government special agents, forensic accountants and investigators.
  • Leading investigative, consulting, and financial experts including: PhDs, CPAs, CFEs and forensic technologists.
  • Our faculty are thought leaders with publications and presentations in front of leading organizations including the ABA, AHLA, HCCA and various state Bar Associations.
  • We have conducted courses for in-house counsel, auditors, law firms and government agencies including FBI and OIG.

Recent Course Offerings

Analyzing Data for Fraud Red Flags

In today’s environment of “Big Data” and data analytics, this program will discuss best practices for efficiently identifying and analyzing healthcare data. This will include a discussion of how government agencies identify red flags, and how compliance teams should proactively respond.

Whistleblower Avoidance

Most civil False Claims Act complaints are filed by whistleblowers, and recent legislation has provided a wealth of opportunities for whistleblowers to report suspected fraud. Now more than ever, whether you are a compliance officer, a human resources executive or part of a general counsel team, you should be focused on preventing and minimizing such qui tam actions. This program discusses techniques and tactics to minimize the risk of whistleblower actions.

Investigative Interviewing Techniques

Interviews represent the most basic and human element of any investigation. Diligent interviewers constantly search for a complete and truthful telling of events. This course highlights the best practices of interviewing techniques and provides a variety of considerations and tools for your next interview.

Practical Use of RAT STATS

A key tool in the Government’s arsenal is RAT-STATS statistical software, which is used to sample and quantify improper claims, which then become the basis for damages and monetary penalties. This training offers a hands-on discussion of RAT-STATS, including a detailed discussion of sampling and extrapolation. This workshop is an effective “how-to” for your audit and compliance teams.  Read more.

Training Programs

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