RAT-STATS Training

RAT-STATS Training Overview

Forensus is a leader in developing statistically valid sampling analysis using RAT-STATS.  As a result, we have developed a comprehensive RAT-STATS training program to ensure auditors, investigators, and other professionals can effectively perform their own statistical sampling and extrapolation analysis.  Our programs offer a robust discussion of RAT-STATS, including a variety of hands-on exercises of sampling and extrapolation. This workshop is an effective “how-to” for your audit and compliance teams.

Program Topics

  • RAT-STATS 101;  It’s role in statistical sampling and the software’s capabilities and limitations;
  • Hands-on RAT-STATS;  Step-by-step instruction and exercises using the software to develop, select, extrapolate and document various sample methodologies;
  • Practical Statistics;  Focusing on a framework and procedure for developing sampling plans and performing analysis in a valid and defensible manner using RAT-STATS;
  • Sampling Best Practices and Pitfalls;  Highlighting best practices and avoiding common issues regularly found in opposing analysis (Forensus is routinely retained to develop and scrutinize sampling analysis).

Student Materials

Forensus provides students with comprehensive training materials including training slides, step-by-step instructions for RAT-STATS, real-life examples for various sample designs, and a variety of additional resources for designing and implementing sampling analysis.

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Our RAT-STATS training programs have been conducted for Government agencies (including OIG) as well as in-house SIU and audit teams.  Send us a message to discuss our training programs further: Contact Us

RAT-STATS Training